Elenberg Fraser


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Photographer: Peter Clarke

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In-house designer

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Elenberg Fraser has a reputation for designing some of the most conceptually intriguing buildings in Australia and across the Asia-Pacific, unafraid of experimenting with unconventional ideas and designs.

In collaboration with the company photographer, we would art direct and style photoshoots of each project to be used in media kits for both print and digital use

In tandem with their technical information, Imagery was carefully selected based on form and a colour pallet; copy was typeset with the highest attention to detail.

Similarly, in collaboration with the company copywriter and photographer, quarterly and event-related newsletters were created for a national and international audience of over 20,000 subscribers. Unique creativity and conceptualism, staying always at the highest quality, was emphasised throughout the newsletter layout.

Working within conceptual themes of a project we would manage collaborate with the interior department in creating patterns for walls, carpets, tiles and other interior applications.