Area One


Scope —
App design, website design

This project is in progress. 
I will be adding more content following it's development.

AreaOne is a program that allows architects and property developers to automate previously manual processes, such as overlaying building sunlight analysis, area calculation, heritage zoning, and transport availability. Created by a startup of architects and program developers in Melbourne, it delivers accurate and time-effective reporting by enabling alteration and analysis in real-time for the user.

Following the creators' desire to develop a gamification look and feel for AreaOne with its branding, website and app, we drew inspiration from the original 1982 version of the movie Tron. This was further developed in the various diagrams and infographics that demonstrated the program’s capabilities on the website, touching on city and civilisation creator games such as Age of Empires and The Sims, with the goal of both enticing and engaging the user.

The end user of this program was also strategically considered. Typically a 35+ year old male, a masculine, sleek and professional visual style was created. Annotation was also used to support developers who are less visual in their understanding of the program and its capabilities, but keen to explore the restrictions and allowances that AreaOne uncovers.